Through years of experience, working in most industries from private sector, to government, and not for profit organizations, The Martyn Group understands that organizations have many different needs, based on the type, size, and complexity of the project; the skill levels and experience of the team; and the ability to access historical data and lessons learned.

The Martyn Group is able to provide assistance in a number of ways.  Several experts work with The Martyn Group, with a variety of backgrounds in key specialty areas.  These professionals have worked with The Martyn Group for several years, with sound professional skills and competencies, work ethics, and adaptability and dedication to the client needs.  

Some of the services provided by The Martyn Group, include the following:

  • Managing your total project from initiating to closing
  • Performing triage for troubled projects
  • Coaching or mentoringresources at critical milestone points throughout the project lifecycle
  • Developinga clear, coherent project plan
  • Establishing a change management and control process
  • Developing tools and techniques for successful project management
  • Setting up project forms and templates
  • Assessing skills and competencies
  • Selection and motivation of project teams

Please use our contact page to submit your inquiry or contact us at (416) 817-6540.